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A slice of Princess Diana and Prince Charles wedding cake has sold at auction - and you won’t guess for how much!

A slice of cake from Princess Diana and Prince Charles' wedding has been sold at auction, over 34 years since their royal wedding. The slice of fruitcake with cream cheese frosting was sold by Los Angeles based auctioneers Nate D. Sanders for £920 ($1,375) on Thursday.

The cake was made by David Avery, head baker of the Naval Armed Forces, and carries the message: "With best wishes from Their Royal Highnesses The Prince & Princess of Wales."


The slice of Charles and Diana's wedding cake sold for £920 at auction

Despite being over 34 years old, the cake is still edible having been preserved by its high level of alcohol, and has been kept wrapped up in a box since the wedding on 29 July 1981.

Bidding started at $1,100 and it was previously predicted that the cake could sell for as much as £2,600 ($4,000) as collectors battled to get their hands on a slice of royal history.

"The wedding of Lady Diana and Prince Charles captured the attention of the world on television and through many newspapers and magazines," auctioneer Sam Heller said. "And even today, people just cannot get enough of the late Princess.

princess diana1 © Photo: Getty Images

Prince Charles married Princess Diana on 29 July 1981

"Alcohol has preserved the cake making it still edible, although collectors would rather it remain intact. Collectors are willing to pay a premium to own a piece of history from the most famous wedding of the 20th century."

The cake is not the only piece of memorabilia from the royal wedding to be sold at auction in 2015. In September a unique selection of 12 never-before-seen photos sold for over $12,000. The images were never released to the public and were discarded from the official wedding album presented to Charles and Diana.

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