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Prince George called Prince Harry out for being on good behaviour when the Obamas came to visit

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Nothing passes Prince George by! The adorable two-year-old noticed that something wasn't quite right when his fun Uncle Harry wasn't being his usual cheeky self. George even called out his uncle, asking why he was being "so quiet".

Harry had a good explanation. The Prince was on his best behaviour as he was welcoming US President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle to Kensington Palace last month.

Harry was joining Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, née Kate Middleton, at an intimate dinner thrown in honour of their American guests.

prince george1 © Photo: Getty Images

Prince George asked: 'Uncle Harry, why are you so quiet?'

George, who turns three in July, stayed up a little past his bedtime to say hello to the Obamas. Clad in his pyjamas and bathrobe, the little boy thanked Barack and Michelle for a rocking horse and stuffed toy dog they had previously given him as gifts.

During an appearance on Good Morning America, Harry and Michelle recalled the sweet meeting. The First Lady noted that George didn't understand why his uncle was being on such good behaviour.

"Throughout he was like, 'Uncle Harry, why are you so quiet?'" said Michelle.

Laughing, Harry added: "Usually I'm throwing him around the room and stuff."

prince george2 © Photo: Getty Images

The Obamas visited Kensington Palace last month

The pair were promoting Harry's Invictus Games in Florida, Orlando. The Paralympic-style tournament sees wounded servicemen and women from around the world compete in ten different sports for their country, including wheelchair tennis and wheelchair basketball.

HELLO! magazine's royal correspondent Emily Nash interviewed the Prince last week, and the duo got chatting about Harry's recent moment in the social media spotlight.

Harry starred in a video with his grandmother the Queen, in which Her Majesty dismissed a mock threat from the Obamas telling Team GB to "bring it" to the Invictus Games. The Queen replies with a wry, "Oh really? Please."

harry and michelle © Photo: Getty Images

Harry and Michelle are promoting the Invictus Games in Florida

Harry told HELLO!: "She had great fun. And I think it was almost as though you could see that look in her face, at the age of 90, thinking, 'Why the hell does nobody ask me to do these things more often?'"

Prince Harry chats to HELLO! about his plans to mark his mother's 20th anniversary

He added: "We did one take from two angles. She's the Queen, she's busy! You don't have more than 90 seconds to get that right. Also, she's so incredibly skilled, she only needs one take. Meanwhile, I was like a gibbering wreck. I was more nervous than anyone else."

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