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Is there an engagement on the cards? Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's body language revealed by expert

Expert Andrea Lindsay chats to HELLO! Online about the couple's body language

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Hanna Fillingham
Hanna FillinghamUS Managing Editor
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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made their first public appearance together at the Invictus Games in Toronto on Monday, even breaking royal protocol by holding hands. Looking tthe picture of happiness as they sat watching the wheelchair tennis, their images called for the expertise of Andrea Lindsay, who has given HELLO! Online the lowdown on their body language.

First, Andrea observed Harry's protective nature towards Meghan when they arrived at the game. "You’ll see in the video clips of the couple, that Harry holds Meghan’s hand in the dominant position, with his palm over the top of hers facing backwards and her palm facing upwards.  As they walk down the stairs, he walks on the outside, slightly ahead of her, reinforcing his dominant and also protective role in their relationship," she said.   

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Andrea observed that Harry held Meghan's hand in the dominant position

Andrea also observed that the "happy and relaxed" photos suggest that the couple are genuinely content in each other's company - as made evident by their smiles. "Their smiles appear to extend beyond their mouths into their face and their eyes, which would suggest genuine happiness," she remarked. 

harry meghan official 7

The couple were happy and relaxed looking

The fact that Meghan was pictured laughing also suggests that Meghan finds Harry very attractive, Andrea added: "Women generally smile more than men during courtship and the more a man can make a woman smile, the more attractive she will find him!  Harry seems to be doing a great good job at this!"  

harry meghan official 3

Meghan pictured laughing was also a positive sign

With the world's eyes on her debut appearance with her boyfriend, Meghan was understandably slightly guarded during the game. "Harry is seen sitting in an open, masculine position, whereas Meghan has more submissive posture, with her legs crossed towards him, showing interest and her arms crossed, resting on her legs, suggesting protectiveness of herself in their first public appearance," Andrea added.   

harry meghan official 8

Meghan kept a protective guard with her legs crossed during her debut public appearance with Harry

To summarise, Andrea said she found Harry and Meghan to be very relaxed in each other's company, citing Harry as the "dominant partner". She said:  "Harry is clearly the dominant partner in the relationship and is protective of Meghan. Meghan seems happy to let Harry take the lead and is yet to be completely comfortable with them being in the public eye together.  We shall have to watch this space to see if there are any announcements in the near future!"

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