Queen Letizia and Queen Sofía reunite after viral Easter video

The royals visited former King Juan Carlos at the hospital

After a controversial Easter mass together, Queen Letizia and Queen Sofía of Spain have publicly reunited for the first time. The royal pair put on big smiles as they visited former King Juan Carlos at Sanitas La Moraleja University Hospital in Madrid on Saturday, 7 April, after his successful knee surgery. Joining King Felipe, the powerful women seemed to be extra affectionate with each other as cameras snapped and rolled around them. The trio was spotted entering and exiting the hospital, stopping to pose for photos together. Letizia and Sofia were noticeably cordial to each other the entire time.

Queen Sofía and Queen Letizia were all smiles as they went to visit King Juan Carlos in the hospitalPhoto:Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

The 45-year-old former journalist was first seen sweetly holding the car door open for her 79-year-old mother-in-law. Letizia looked casually chic in a camel trench coat, black cropped trousers and matching shoes. Sofía, who wore a black coat and also donned dark trousers, thanked Letizia and grinned back at her.

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The Queens seemed to give each other extra affection while at the hospital Photo:Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

Meanwhile, the 50-year-old monarch looked stylish in grey jeans, a tailor jumper and a blue plaid jacket. Just before entering the hospital the threesome took photos together. They then visited Juan Carlos, who was operated on Saturday morning, as reported by the clinic in a statement issued at two in the afternoon, which stated that the surgical intervention had a "fully satisfactory result". The procedure, which lasted for an hour and a half, replaced the King's right knee giving him greater mobility in the joint and greater stability overall.

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King Felipe joined his two beloved ladies Photo:Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

After their stop over, Felipe spoke with the media stationed at the doors of the hospital. He said that his father felt "well, very calm and satisfied", and thanked the medical team for their work. In addition, he revealed that, in all likelihood, King Juan Carlos would begin to walk "this very afternoon." Afterwards, the group walked back to their car, where Letizia lovingly placed her arm on Sofía's back.

Queen Letizia sweetly walked her mother-in-law to and from their car Photo:Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

The nice moment comes on the heels of a controversial viral video of the queens. The royal family had just finished attending Easter Sunday mass in Palma de Mallorca on 1 April when Queen Sofía attempted to pose for a photo with her granddaughters Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofía. Queen Letizia appeared to block her mother-in-law's path to avoid the pictures from being taken before exchanging words with her.