How Prince Harry played matchmaker to Army friend 

Imagine having Prince Harry as your wingman!

A former Army pal of Prince Harry has opened up about how the royal played cupid for him and his future wife! Corporal Frankie O'Leary, who served with the Prince in Afghanistan, will be one of the 26 members of the mounted Household Cavalry to accompany Harry and Meghan Markle on their carriage procession in Windsor as husband and wife on 19 May. Speaking about how Harry helped him impress his future wife, he told HELLO!: "He rather kindly helped me get in well with a young lady."

Prince Harry's former Army pal opened up about the royal

Frankie had been on one of his first ever dates with his future wife, Niina, near the Windsor Barracks when Harry saw them and said hello. "He saw me walking along with the young lady and, unbeknown to me, he was driving on his own without security," Frankie explained."He wound the window down and said, 'See you later, Frank' and I said, 'See you later, Sir.' She was a few steps behind with her jaw on the floor but I played it cool and said, 'What, doesn’t that happen to you?" He added: "She became my wife."

Corporal Frankie O'Leary (left) will accompany Prince Harry (centre) on his procession

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Speaking about accompanying the royal couple on their carriage procession, Frankie joked: "He might well give me a bit of abuse about my sword position or riding position but I think he’ll be more excited by the fact he’s pulled a cracker and will get to take her home." If the weather holds out, the couple will ride in a Landau state carriage following the wedding ceremony at St. George's Chapel. Speaking about the carriage, Crown Equerry Colonel Toby Browne, said: "[Harry] was best man at his brother's wedding so he rode in one of these with the bridesmaids and pages as part of the procession following the wedding. But he's also been in the Queen's procession at the royal meeting at Ascot, so he's ridden in these quite regularly." He added: "It was selected because it's a wonderfully bright, small, lovely carriage. Very easy for people to see, the passengers can sit up quite high – so there's lots of visibility for everybody."

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