Royal news: Crown Princess Yasmine Pahlavi announces she has cancer

The princess is undergoing an operation following her diagnosis

The crown princess Yasmine Pahlavi has confirmed that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer. The lawyer is the wife of Reza Pahlavi, who is the crown prince of the former Imperial State of Iran, and spoke about her illness in a Facebook video, with a caption which read: "Dear friends, I want to take this opportunity to let you know that I have been diagnosed with breast cancer. This is a difficult time, but I am inspired by the strength and courage of the women of Iran. I hope to use this opportunity to share more about the importance of cancer awareness and women's health more generally. The operation is tomorrow morning. I'll keep you updated on my progress!"

Yasmine is undergoing an operation on Friday

Yasmine has lived in the United States from a young age, and graduated from George Washington University with a BA in Political Science before working as an attorney for the Children's Law Centre in Washington DC. She married Reza in 1986 and the couple have three daughters, Princess Noor Pahlavi, Princess Iman Pahlavi and Princess Farah Pahlavi.

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Her fans were quick to offer their thoughts and prayers following the news of her cancer diagnosis, with many sharing their personal stories of dealing with the illness. One person wrote: "Dear Yasmine, I had breast cancer in 2001… and while in DC I started a support group for diplomatic spouses who were also diagnosed with breast cancer. Our group was more than you can imagine... Afghanistan, Norway, Slovenia, Israel... But the disease also touched colleagues from Switzerland, Mexico, Turkey, Malaysia, etc. I admire your strength for your posting, your honesty and my thoughts and prayers will be with you tomorrow. BE STRONG!" Another person added: "This is a sad news for all of us but if anyone can beat this it would be our courageous Princess! Love and respect."

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