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Meghan Markle's horoscopes for March ahead of the royal baby

What's in store for the Duchess of Sussex this month?

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Carla Challis
Carla ChallisCommerce Partnerships Editor
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It's been a busy few weeks for the Duchess of Sussex, with royal engagements here and a royal tour of Morocco there; but with the royal baby on the horizon, what does the month ahead look like for Meghan? From honing in on her nesting instincts to harnessing her diplomacy, astrologer Venus&Vesta delves into the Duchess of Sussex's stars for a look at March:

A new role for mum-to-be Meghan

The Duchess of Sussex has been keeping up quite a solid schedule for someone in the full bloom of pregnancy and seemingly she is not getting tired at this pace. This Leo lady is setting an energetic example of a healthy third trimester maternity, however, on the new moon in Pisces on 6 March, Meghan may feel the need to start preparing for her 'laying in' since this lunar event is happening in her 9th house of journeys, yet it works with her natal Mars.

Meghan Markle

Mars has the ability to turn things around immediately, so we could see a change of pace with Meghan staying much closer to home. The 6 March is a key date in the astrological calendar and also for many members of the royal family, especially The Queen and Prince Charles, as Uranus, the planet of unexpected change, moves into Taurus (the Queen is a Taurus). This squares Meghan's destiny point, which means the Queen could be instrumental in providing Meghan with a new role or project, potentially passing on some of her patronages for Meghan to bring her natural warmth and charm to.

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Fresh ideas and diplomacy

Mercury, the planet of travel and communication, goes into retrograde on 6 March also, and this lasts all month, until 28 March. Mercury Retrograde often messes with communication and arrangements so this could put our Duchess into a bit of a spin about last minute planning for the royal baby. If things don't go as scheduled or she gets royal protocol wrong during this time, she can absolutely be forgiven.

Mercury Retrograde can also bring about brilliant ideas when things do go awry and we should look out for any news or fresh ideas from Meghan around 14 March, as Mercury meets up with the Sun in Pisces and connects with several of Meghan's planets and her Cancer ascendant (her rising sign). This is a chance for her to show us her intelligence and diplomacy, and also shine like her Leo birth right.

Nesting instincts

For most of March, Venus is opposing Duchess Meghan's natal Sun and Mercury, which may enhance her feelings about staying away from the limelight, yet on the 19 March, Venus squares Mars and this could bring on some kind of decision for her that she won't be happy about making. The full moon in Libra a few days later on 21 March sits right on Meghan's own natal Moon which can be an emotional time for any mother-to-be and Meghan will be feeling this intensely.

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Meghan and Harry

As the full moon is in her third house of immediate surroundings, her protective and nesting instincts may kick in and her own Libra Moon will have her pulling out all the stops to create the perfect environment in her new home of Frogmore Cottage. In the last week of March, Mercury (communication) will have stationed on the planet of Neptune, who has a destabilising influence, and there is a chance here that Meghan will be dealing with overseas concerns that are not of her making and out of her control. Mercury and Neptune sit together for a while, opposing our Duchess' Venus in Virgo, and this placement heightens her discerning qualities; yet in this last week of March, it has the potential to bring forward her due date or at least have us all playing the guessing game. She may not be the only one pacing up and down waiting for news or inspiration, although the analytical Venus in Virgo may well be watching proceedings and deciding on a fantastic solution that will outwit us all.

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