Princess Stephanie of Monaco's son Louis Ducruet reacts to terrible joke about Grace Kelly's death

Louis took to Instagram to share his upset

Princess Stephanie of Monaco's son, Louis Ducruet, has spoken out after a football team's fansite published an article with a headline appearing to make fun of Grace Kelly's death.

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Following an important match between two French teams, Lyon and Monaco, which was won by Lyon, fans of the team published an article with a headline that read: "Unlike Grace Kelly, Lyon has made a success of its turn in Monaco," appearing to make reference to her tragic car accident which led to her death back in 1982.

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Louis, whose mother was travelling with Grace Kelly the day that she died, was quick to speak out, sharing the headline on his Instagram Stories alongside the caption: "Football is and must be a leisure sport, certainly with competition but while remaining human. This kind of clickbait title must be punished by the Lyon supporters and the management of the club.

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"If you have a soul, denounce this pseudo fansite so that it's identified and sanctioned."

Grace Kelly and Prince Ranier alongside their three children

Grace had been driving with her daughter, Princess Stephanie, as they returned to Monaco from their country home, when the princess suffered a stroke and lost control of the car, which then drove off the mountainside, despite Stéphanie's attempts to stop the vehicle.

The crash left the princess with brain injuries as well as a fractured femur and injured thorax, and her life support was turned off on the following day. Meanwhile, Stephanie suffered a hairline fracture and a concussion.

Louis Ducruet and wife Marie

Over the years, there have been many questions surrounding the princess' death, and Stephanie has spoken out against rumours that the crash was in any way deliberate, that she was actually the one driving without a permit, or that she and her mother had been arguing at the time of the accident.

Speaking to Paris Match magazine in 2020, she explained: "I was not driving, that's clear. In fact, I was thrown around inside the car like my mother, who was catapulted onto the back seat... The passenger door was completely smashed in; I got out on the only accessible side, the driver's."

She continued: "I can't take it anymore. All these calumnies that have been spoken and written have sustained a non-existent mystery. I just want to say, 'Stop! Let me raise my children in tranquillity, and go forward with my own life in serenity.'"

The princess added: "The investigation said the automatic gearbox was in the park position. Because I was about to take my driving test, I knew you had to put it in park to stop the car. I tried everything; I even pulled on the handbrake. Did my mother confuse the brake pedal with the accelerator? I don't know. But I wasn't driving."