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Louis and Marie Ducruet reveal what life is like with baby daughter – and how Princess Stephanie of Monaco reacted to first grandchild

The couple welcomed their daughter in April

Louis and Marie Ducruet pose with baby daughter Victoire
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There are gurgling noises coming from Princess Stéphanie's office in the Prince's Palace in Monaco. They are the sound of her first grandchild, Victoire, now nine months old, finishing her baby food in the arms of her parents, Louis and Marie Ducruet. 

The couple, both 31, met as students in 2011 and married in 2019 and here reveal how they're taking to first-time parenthood...

Louis and Marie, you welcomed your daughter in April last year. How are you doing?

Marie: "Very well! Victoire is such a lovely child, she's making us forget all the small annoyances. She's sleeping well at night so we can't complain."

What kind of child is she?

Louis: "Very curious and lively. From two months of age, she started observing her surroundings."

M: "She's so interested in the world around her, she doesn't want to go down for her afternoon nap."

Louis and Marie Ducruet with their baby daughter Victoire© FRÉDÉRIC NEBINGER / PRINCELY PALACE, MONACO
"She's so interested in the world around her," Marie said of her daughter

How did you choose her name?

L: "We agreed on it pretty quickly. I really wanted our daughter to have an old French name that's not common these days."

M: "Victoire has two middle names. Maguy is a homage to Louis's paternal grandmother, and Lam Huong is my grandmother's Vietnamese name."

Louis, Victoire is your mother Princess Stéphanie's first grandchild. How did she react when the baby was born?

L: "It was incredibly emotional. She came to the maternity ward the day after Victoire's birth, alongside my dad [Daniel Ducruet] and my paternal grandmother, as well as Marie's mum. It was a magical moment that I'll never forget."

How is Princess Stéphanie as a grandmother?

L: "She gives a lot of love to her grandchild. My mother has a busy daily schedule, but whenever it allows, she asks to look after Victoire. When she was born, my mother often asked us: ‘Do you want to go out to the cinema? I can look after the baby.'"

Princess Stephanie of Monaco smiling © Getty
"She gives a lot of love to her grandchild," Louis said of his mother, Princess Stephanie of Monaco

What has changed for you since Victoire arrived?

L: "Everything! We no longer have the same priorities. These days, we want to spend as much time as possible with her."

Marie, you were involved in organising the Centenary Ball in tribute to Prince Rainier last October. Was that hard with such a young child?

M: "It certainly wasn't a restful time! I came back from maternity leave a bit earlier than planned, part time, so I could work on it."

You've chosen not to show your daughter's face in photos. Why is that?

L: "We want to keep a bit of privacy and not expose her to the public straight away. She has all the time in the world for that, given the family she's been born into."

Louis Ducruet holds baby daughter Victoire© FRÉDÉRIC NEBINGER / PRINCELY PALACE, MONACO
Louis explained why he didn't want to show his daughter's face in photos

Is your beloved dog Pancake happy about Victoire's arrival?

M: "Totally! At first, he was a bit stressed when he heard Victoire crying, but he adapted very quickly. He's very protective, and often watches over her. They're both starting to play together and their relationship is wonderful."

You've both got several siblings. Are you planning to expand your family?

M: "We're not opposed to the idea. Victoire is such an adorable child, she's making us want another. Two children would be perfect for me."

L: "We'd like our children not to have a big age gap. We'll see what the future holds!"



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