Which royal title King Charles III could give to Princess Charlotte - details

Princess Charlotte is third in line to the throne

On Friday, King Charles III bestowed Prince Edward and Sophie Wessex with the titles Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh, as per the wishes of his late parents, however it was also reported that the monarch intends to bestow a title on his eldest granddaughter, Princess Charlotte.

The Prince and Princess of Wales' only daughter, who is currently third in line to the throne, is currently styled as Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Wales, but the seven-year-old could be given another title.

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It had been speculated that Charlotte could have become the Duchess of Edinburgh, with her following in her late great-grandmother's footsteps. The Queen previously held the title after marrying Prince Philip, and was styled as such until she ascended the throne on 2 June 1953.

Charlotte could still pick up the title, but this would only happen following the deaths of Edward and Sophie. Edward will hold the title for life, but it will not transfer to his son James, Viscount Severn upon his passing, as the title will instead return to the Crown.

Another title that Charlotte might pick up in the future is Princess Royal, one traditionally reserved for the eldest daughter of the monarch. Like the Duke of Edinburgh, the Princess Royal is a title for life, meaning Charlotte cannot be stylised as such while Princess Anne is alive.

It is unlikely that Charlotte will automatically gain the title when Anne passes, as Anne did not pick it up following the death of her predecessor, Princess Mary in 1965. Anne waited until 1987 when the Queen bestowed the title on her.

King Charles' coronation will take place in May 2023

Speculation about Charlotte's potential title comes following the news that her cousins, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet will begin using their royal titles.

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It was revealed on Wednesday that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had decided not to deny Archie and Lilibet their birthright, but would allow them in the future to decide whether to continue using their royal titles.

Prince George is second in line to the British throne

Princess Charlotte is currently third in line to the throne after Prince William and her older brother, Prince George, nine. Prince William and Kate's daughter became the first female royal to benefit from the change of succession law, which states that girls will not be overtaken by any future younger brothers.

The UK succession laws were updated ahead of Prince George's birth in 2013 to allow a possible firstborn daughter of Prince William and Kate to take precedence over any younger brothers.

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