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Nic Cage travels to Korea to meet his new in-laws

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Hollywood hardman Nicolas Cage showed his more sensitive side when he journeyed to South Korea at the weekend. The Oscar-winner, who jetted into the country to meet the parents and family of his new wife Alice Kim, made quite an impression when he stepped out in traditional Korean dress for a photoshoot in Seoul.

The actor, who was also in town to promote his new movie National Treasure, seemed to be much taken with the country. "Korea is very meaningful for me because I have family here," he said. "That is really the most important aspect of my trip because it's about people I will know for the rest of my life."

And the 40-year-old was likewise eager to praise the eastern nation's culture and cuisine. "Kimchi (a spicy vegetable dish) is good for my spirit and my mind. It keeps me balanced; it keeps me whole," he revealed. "But I am most impressed with the respect for the ancestors, the family, and traditions. I think there is a lot we can learn in the United States from the great and magnificent way you respect one another and your family."

When asked how he was finding married life the actor said he was content to take things day by day, though he also alluded to the possibility of starting a family sometime soon. "Right now, Yong-gyong (Kim's Korean name) and I are just trying to enjoy our time together because our marriage is still so young and so new," he explained. "I would love to have children. It would be nice to have kids running around during Christmas time."

Photo: AFP
Nic and Kim made a colourful impression on shoppers in Seoul. The Oscar-winning actor said the United States had much to learn from the eastern nation
Photo: AFP
After leaving Korea, the couple paid a visit to Taiwan, where they received an equally enthusiastic welcome

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