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Tina Hobley talks health and wellbeing as she opens up about her trip to the SHA Wellness Clinic

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Actress Tina Hobley is still coping with the injuries she sustained from a horrific fall she suffered in Channel 4's The Jump, and continues to look for ways to improve her health and wellbeing. Her latest endeavour saw her heading to the SHA Wellness Clinic in Alicante – and here she shares her experience exclusively with HELLO!...

"Still recovering from the injuries I sustained from The Jump, when I first heard about the SHA Wellness Clinic in Alicante I just had to give it a try. The clinic describes itself as an international pioneering wellness clinic dedicated to improving and prolonging your health and wellbeing. After spending much of the past year recovering from various operations following a complicated skiing accident, this sounded like the perfect preparation for the challenges of a big family Christmas.

tina hobley

"On arrival, the first thing that strikes you is the wellness area, which is like something out of a futuristic film set with white walls, lemongrass scents, staff in white coats and clients walking around purposefully in white gowns. I kept expecting to see Britain's favourite secret agent emerging from a treatment room.

"The clinic combines ancient Eastern techniques using the best of traditional therapies from around the world with the latest scientific advances in medical care. The SHA team insists that health is an 'overall state of physical and mental well-being, ideal weight and vitality'. The front of house staff could not be more helpful and attentive, and the whole team works closely with you on your diet, treatments, and an alternate day weigh-in where they also check your fat ratios to keep you on track.

macrobiotic diet

"They suggested that I should cut down on dairy (very hard as I love cheese) and should only have red meat once a month – tough, but I will give it a go. They also suggested I only drink red wine a couple of times a week. Then came the Kushi diet- the most delicious 700 calories a day I've eaten...hunger pangs staved off with herbal teas. Caffeine, dairy and gluten are banned.

"I followed a macrobiotic diet, rich in grains and local fruit and vegetables. Miso soup and seaweed revered – they were given to us daily. We had fish twice in our week-long stay. Those guests not on the extreme Kushi diet were even allowed organic wine and sugar-free desserts! I did a big online shop while I was at SHA hoping to take some of this macrobiotic way of living into my home. I love miso soup so that's now breakfast with some rice porridge!

tina hobley

"The doctors in regenerative medicine were inspirational, offering scientific evidence for their suggestions. The most important was eating less than you think you need until you are 80 per cent full - 'Hara hachi bu', practiced in the Japanese island of Okinawa where they have a ridiculous number of centenarians. Some of the wonderful treatments are standard in many high-end spas, but my particular favourites were the cranio-cervical massage, the cryotherapy, the Indiba and the seaweed wrap. 

tina hobley

"Mindfulness, yoga and talks about coping with stress were also useful as a catalyst to lead a healthier life once back home. One great tip they shared? Let the food be your medicine and the medicine be your food. Returning home to England, my husband predictably struggled with my explanation of the difference between a clinic and a spa, but the SHA Wellness Clinic is exactly that, and sometimes, that' s exactly what you need."

Factbox: SHA Wellness Clinic offers the 4-day Discovery programme from €1,100 per person including all meals, consultations and treatments. Deluxe Suites start from € 360 per night based on two adults sharing.

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