Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield go on holiday together with their families

It looks like they are having a lot of fun!

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield really are the best of friends! The This Morning hosts often go away together during their time off from work, and over the half term holidays they have been having fun abroad with their families. On Phillip's Snapchat on Tuesday night, the TV star posted videos of the pair after a night out, including one of them making their way across a wooden bridge. Phillip warned: "There's a thousand feet drop on either side! It's all fine, it's all fine." In another photo posted on Snapchat, the pair posed with a knitted bear while on the beach. From the looks of it, they are back in the Algarve in Portugal, where they regularly go to together during the summer.

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield are having the best time!

It's not just Holly who gets on famously with her This Morning co-host, but her children too! Talking to You magazine, Holly said of Phil and his wife, Stephanie Lowe: "My kids adore Phil and Steph." On her own relationship with the dad-of-two, she continued: "Phil's more my office sibling than office husband. We're morphing into one person: we say the same thing at the same time and it's like 'Eurgh, get out of my head!'"

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Holly added that the pair both share the same family values as well as enjoying a laugh. During the school holidays, Holly and her family more often than not go away, and this year have been to some very exotic locations, including the Maldives, New York and skiing in the French alps. Holly and her husband Dan, along with their three children, also welcomed the New Year in style on a beach abroad, although the star didn't specify their location.

The This Morning co-hosts are the best of friends

In March, Holly spoke to HELLO! about taking her children away, and admitted that it is now a lot easier to go away to far away locations now that her youngest, Chester, four, is older. "When you are travelling with a baby you almost want to do a stay cation. Britain is beautiful and it is almost easier to get a car and stay in a house, and you can avoid airports as they are very stressful for kids," she said. "But once they go a bit older, you should go anywhere if you can. I think kids are really adaptable and you should go and experience the world with them."

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Holly always tries to maintain a balance between her busy career and family life, telling HELLO! there was “no perfect recipe” to success. "There really isn't. I think that I'm really lucky that I can sort of pull back when things feel too much so I know that I'm very blessed for that reason,” she said. "I'm quite strict with myself so when I'm at work, they are my work hours and I get a lot achieved in a small amount of time, like 'go go go, get it done, get it done' and then it's like 'bang home time - bye everyone!' and then the phone goes off and everything shuts down and I'm a mum,” Holly continued. “So I'm really strict, to the point where I probably drive everyone completely mad, but that's the way it has to be otherwise you don’t have a work/life balance."

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