Real brides go vintage: Sew something old into your new dress

Vintage in contemporary wedding gowns is a trend that looks set to remain a favourite amongst design-conscious brides.

And now, the award winning No. 9 Bridal Couture has launched a twist on this gorgeous look – ensuring your dream dress blends the best of traditional with a fresh, contemporary look.

Making wedding gowns that are exquisitely personal to her brides, Linda Davey, founder of No. 9 Bridal Couture, has taken this one stage further and created bridal dresses that take this vintage/modern fusion approach.



Photo: Chris Hanley

Pieces of fabric, or even whole sections of family heirloom wedding dresses, are central to the design in this new take on the vintage/ modern blend.

Linda said: "Walking down the aisle is one of the most emotional moments of your life. You’re heading to a new future – the perfect moment to think about family and love through the generations.

"By blending elements of a gown that’s meant a lot to your family with a new design, yet more memories are being made – and in years to come can become an heirloom for your daughter and her daughter too!"

Here are some ideas from Linda on incorporating family history into your big day, keeping thoughts of loved ones close as you walk down the aisle:



Photo: Chris Hanley

Lace to love

There’s nothing more romantic and intricately beautiful than antique lace. Combining the handmade craftsmanship of a piece of lace owned by your grandmother with the bespoke design of your own new creation is truly special. Lace can work beautifully as panels inserted into the skirt of your gown, as a pretty overlay above a contrasting fabric neckline, or even as delicate, sheer sleeves.

Buttons to cherish

Sew the something old into your new, bespoke, wedding gown by using cute-as-a-button details from your mother or grandmother’s gown. Heritage buttons and clasps can be simply sensational, with incredible detailing, so why not make them a feature, by exposing them down the back of your gown?



Photo: Rob Booker

Sentimental sashes

Creating a sash out of material from a family heirloom dress keeps your look fresh, while incorporating memories and a sense of history into your design. A sash works especially well in a contrasting colour or texture, so there’s a whole world of scope.

Feel good fabric

If that special dress that’s been hanging in your mother’s wardrobe simply isn’t your style, why not deconstruct the dress and re-use a lovely piece of fabric as a shrug or bolero jacket?

With bespoke bridal gowns often no more expensive than the cost of an ‘off the rail’ purchase – No. 9 Couture’s designs start from £400 for a simple silk t dress and start at around £1,000 for an embellished bespoke gown.