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Study shows that the average wedding guest spends £440

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Wedding guests spend £440 on each wedding they attend, splashing out more on their dress than anything else to enjoy the nuptials of their nearest and dearest.

According to a new study, 70 per cent of women choose to spend more on their outfit than they do on their accommodation – an understandable statistic when you factor in the dress along with matching shoes, clutch and accessories.

Accommodation came in second place when it came to costs, with 61 per cent spending more than £150 for an evening of celebration. 

The research revealed that weddings aren’t only a lavish, expensive occasion for the bride and groom. On average we part with £440 for every wedding we attend, and with many of us attending up to five weddings per year, our matrimonial attendance is costing us an estimated grand total of £2,180 every year.

That doesn’t stop us being generous in the celebrations of the bride and groom, though, with more than half of the wedding guests surveyed saying they spend more than £100 on a present for the happy couple.

Perhaps surprisingly, the least amount of money is spent on alcohol, with 44 per cent spending over £50 on tipples on the big day.

Helen North, Head of Marketing for fashion brand Kaleidoscope who commissioned the survey explained that wedding costs are always considered from the perspective of the bride and groom.

Sge said: "We all know that weddings are a billion pound industry in the UK, and that they can be a very costly affair for the bride and groom. But what about the guests?"

"Just how much does it cost the guests and where do they see the need to spend money to ensure they are the very best wedding guest.

"It’s wonderful to see from our survey results that despite the current economic climate, it is still important for British men and women to celebrate weddings in style."

Are you more cost-conscious about what you spend on your loved ones' weddings?

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