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Celebrity engagements: the rings sparking the 'hand selfie' craze

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Kim Kardashian, Michelle Keegan and Cheryl Fernandez-Versini are just some celebrities who have announced their engagement online. When the stars flaunted their show-stopping diamond rings on Twitter and Instagram, they were not only sharing their happiness and excitement with fans, but also starting the craze for the "hand selfie".

Celebrity engagement rings

Men across the UK nation are now feeling the pressure to buy bigger and brighter rocks, said luxury jewellery brand Rare Pink, as their future brides will most likely be posting a photo of the sparkler online. In the past year, the average size of the diamond in a newly purchased ring has risen substantially from half a carat to one carat – an average 100 per cent increase in standard stone size.

5 things to think about when buying an engagement ringNot only that, but grooms-to-be are asking jewellers new kinds of questions. How will the ring look on Instagram? What is the best filter? Does this ring tend to attract many likes on Facebook?

Celebrity engagement rings

How to choose a ring perfect for the "hand selfie", according to Rare Pink: 1. The first thing to consider is always the size. If you have a small diamond, then go for a thin and delicate band. That way, relatively speaking, the diamond still looks large in a photo. 2. The most common shape is round, so you can get people talking by choosing a more unusual shape like a cushion, marquise or princess cut.

Engagement rings: what your shape says about you3. Get some colour into your ring. Nothing looks more impressive than a diamond ring that is complimented by some blue sapphires, red rubies or some green emeralds. 4. For photographing your ring, it is best to use natural light. A sunny day will show your stone scintillating with a sparkle and fire unique only to diamonds.

Celebrity engagement rings© Photo: Instagram

Women are likewise succumbing to the "hand selfie" trend, with cosmetic surgeries reporting an increase in hand lifts. "Everyone wants to see pictures of engagement rings, whether it's looking at their wish pic or sending photos to their friends to announce an engagement," Dr. Matthew Schulman, a Manhattan plastic surgeon who sees about eight patients a month specifically for hand treatments, told The New York Times. "They are becoming more aware of what their hands look like, much more than getting a manicure."

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