Rihanna acts as bridesmaid at her assistant's wedding

Rihanna was chosen to be a bridesmaid at her close friend and assistant Jennifer Morales' wedding, and on Monday, the singer delivered her part to perfection. The 27-year-old had taken the time out to fly to Honolulu, Hawaii last weekend, arriving a few days before the romantic nuptials.

Swapping her trademark wacky outfits for a more demure look, passers-by may well have failed to spot Rihanna in the crowd.

The Diamonds hitmaker was dressed in a tulle lavender bridesmaid gown, that was decorated with dainty silver flowers and featured a small train and low back.


Rihanna looked gorgeous in a lavender tulle bridesmaid gown

Looking gorgeous and breathtaking, Rihanna matched her dress with pastel-coloured purple nails and a slick of lilac lipstick. She had swept her red locks into a high bun and was pictured carrying a bouquet of white roses while heading out for the ceremony.

The bride Jennifer was later spotted having her post-ceremony photoshoot on the beach, kissing her groom Aaron Davis and cuddling up to him.

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The romantic wedding of Rihanna's assistant took place in Honolulu, Hawaii

Rihanna had previously shared her excitement at her "big sis" and "big bro" getting married, posting a short video montage on Instagram. She captioned the clip, and various other photos, with the hashtag "#davis420wedding" alluding to the date of the ceremony.

"#davis420wedding I can't believe this day is finally upon us!!!!!" she wrote. "I'm so happy and so proud to see my big sis @jennnrosales and my big bro @the_aa become one today!!! A wedding is a celebration of a marriage!!! That's what we gon do!!!

"Celebrate the marriage that we've been lucky enough to witness grow and evolve for all these years!!!! #420 will never be the same again!!! God bless you both!!! And Jen you HAVE to take the Davis name!!! Pull it together (in my Jhat voice)!!! #CheersToTheDavis'."

Rihanna arrived on the island a few days before Monday's ceremony

Ahead of the wedding, Rihanna shared a number of photos of herself soaking up the Hawaiian sunshine and lounging in the pool. The Barbados-born beauty announced her arrival on the island with a selfie captioned: "Aloha".