Tim McGraw made this couple's wedding day extra special


Tim McGraw's heart for love doesn't just stop in his household. The 49-year-old country crooner surprised a bride and groom in Philadelphia with a special performance during their wedding reception.

The How I'll Always Be singer put on his best tux and cowboy hat and performed his hit My Little Girl, during the father-daughter dance at Saturday night's ceremony. The Bride Lisa White and her husband Paul Getz couldn't believe the moment was happening.


Tim surprised a bride and groom at their wedding ceremony Photo: Twitter/@getzy89

"They went through about one line of the song, and then right after that Lisa turns around and sees that Tim McGraw is singing to her," Paul Getz Sr. told at local CBS station. "Everybody was spellbound in the place. It just capped off the entire excitement of the day and made it even that much more special for two really special people."


Tim, who has been married to his Faith Hill since 1996, took the stage for close to an hour and performed other hits including Live Like Were Dying with help from local wedding band Jellyroll.


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Lisa and her husband have her father to thank for the wedding crasher, who she originally thought was an impersonator. "Originally she thought, 'Why did my dad hire a Tim McGraw impersonator?'" Paul Jr. explained in an interview with The Highway on SiriusXM on Monday. "And then she realized it was actually him. It was absolutely unbelievable and he was such a great guy. He played for about 45 minutes and played eight or nine songs, and then we got to hang out with him a little bit afterward backstage."

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Paul shared that Lisa's father was dropping hints long before the big day, "About a year ago, he had mentioned to Lisa, 'Just wait for our father-daughter dance, it's going to be epic.' We really didn't think anything of it."

Is this real life...pinch me Tim McGraw made an appearance #asgoodasitgetz

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Lisa and Paul have the videos and photographic memories of their big day to last for a lifetime. Paul Getz Jr. shared a picture of him, his bride and their special guest, arm-in-arm, on his Twitter. "Thank you to @TheTimMcGraw for making my wife and I's wedding night so awesome."

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