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THIS wedding photographer has given the best posing hack for brides

Make sure your Insta feed is the envy of all the guests

iphone wedding photography

When Meghan Markle and Prince Harry arrive at St George's chapel in Windsor on Saturday, the crowds of excited onlookers will be trying their hardest snap a pic of her guaranteed-to-be-stunning dress and his emotional face. And even if you're not in Windsor for the big day, parts of your summer diary are almost guaranteed to be taken up by a wedding or three, where you're sure to be jostling with guests for the best Insta snaps. And you don't need any fancy kit to capture truly exquisite shots these days, either – many smartphone cameras work just as well as more expensive versions.

iphone wedding photography bride groom

This gorgeous snap was captured on a smartphone

We asked pro photographer Will Barber of Love Heart Photography, who has shot four of his most recent weddings using an iPhone X, for his tips on capturing a wedding on your iPhone.

Experiment with the framing

"A common misconception is that you must have the bride and groom front and centre of any shot," says Will. "If you're at a venue that has stunning scenery then use it – the couple will have chosen this venue for that purpose. A really simple trick is to ask the couple to hold hands and walk away from you, then whip out the iPhone and position yourself centre and low. Frame the couple dead centre and get as much cloud in as you can." He continues: "Ask them to walk maybe 30 paces then turn around and head back. Shift the camera focus to frame the couple in the far side of the shot ask then to stop and kiss." With a little in-camera editing, these intimate, close-up shots can look amazing.

Play some tricks

How to get natural looking group scenes? Tell some lies! "If you're taking a group shot, line everyone up and take out the iPhone, hold it up and say... 'I'm just testing the light'," advises Will. "They will chat amongst themselves while you're nailing that unposed shot you want."

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Don't be scared of the rain

"iPhone X and modern cameras have super sensors that can capture images low light," explains Will. "Some of the best images I have ever produced are in the rain – embrace it, we live in England!"

Get that pose right

This is Will's trick for getting the most flattering shots of the bride – and therefore her unending gratitude. "Ask her to cross one leg over the other – even in a long dress this will kick out her hip," he says. "Tell her to raise one hand high on the hip, slightly turn to the side and look down and to the right, before slowly bringing her gaze to back to you."

Capture the couple

"Getting the bride and groom to pose is as easy as asking them to cuddle," says Will. "Make it fun and light-hearted and if they feel uneasy, stop. It's not about the shots you want it's about their day and how they feel The best comments I get are when a couple say that they didn't even realise I was there."

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