A wide range of famous faces including model Elle Macpherson, footballer-turned-actor-turned-singer Vinnie Jones, comedian Jim Davidson, actor Edward Fox, Earl Spencer and explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes took to the streets of London at the weekend to join a river of demonstrators flowing through the capital in protest at the governmentís rural policies.

With over 400,000 people marching against the governmentís proposed ban on fox-hunting and in defence of the traditional countryside way of life, the Liberty & Livelihood protest became the biggest demonstration of its type ever staged in the British Isles.

The traditionally keen hunters of the Royal Family were not at the march because of its political intent, but Prince William took to the roof of St Jamesís Palace for a birdís-eye view of the demonstration, armed with a couple of soft drinks and his mobile phone. Despite talk of Camilla Parker Bowles defying Prince Charlesís alleged ban on her attending the march, she was not present.

Meanwhile, British newspapers reported that a pro-hunt letter to Prime Minister Tony Blair - which was leaked on the day of the protest - had been penned by Prince Charles, who's long been an outspoken defender of Britainís farmers as well as an enthusiastic huntsman.

Earl Spencer, brother of the late Princess Diana and owner of the sizeable country estate where she lies buried, joined the demonstrators for five hours. ďGiven the size of the march, I think the government will listen,Ē he said.


Several famous faces joined the protest, triggered by the government's proposed ban on fox-hunting, including Edward Fox and Vinnie Jones (pictured), Elle Macpherson, and Earl Spencer
Photo: © PA
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With over 400,000 marchers, this was the biggest demonstration of its type ever staged in the British Isles
Photo: © PA

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