Relations between Heather and her stepdaughter have not been particularly smooth in the past. But the activist's decision to model the designer's creation to benefit a cancer clinic named after Linda McCartney is seen as an attempt to build bridges
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Jennifer Aniston is also starting out afresh in re-establishing a relationship with her estranged mother

9 JANUARY 2003
Heather Mills has made a fresh bid to end the feud between herself and her stepdaughter, Stella McCartney, by modelling one of the designer's dresses.

Sir Paul McCartney's wife appears in next month's edition of the magazine Red wearing a chiffon dress valued at 555. It seems the frosty relations between the two may finally be thawing, as the magazine says Heather did the shoot with Stella's "full endorsement".

A spokesman for the 33-year-old designer said she gave her backing to the use of the dress as it was intended to raise money for the Linda McCartney cancer clinic in Liverpool. Asked whether Stella's hostile feelings towards her father's new wife were easing, he said: "Stella never discusses her private life."

Heather has made bridge-building efforts in the past, but Stella is said to have been deeply hurt by criticism of her designs attributed to the model. It was alleged that the 34-year-old anti-landmines campaigner described her creations as "too tarty".

Sir Paul's children are also said to be concerned over Heather's reported intention to have a baby, but the model insists she has no definite plans. "When it comes to having children myself, if it happens that would be great. But if it doesn't, it doesn't," she told the magazine.

Also burying the hatchet at the moment is Friends star Jennifer Aniston, who has barely spoken to her mother in seven years. The actress broke off contact with Nancy, 61, after a TV show aired some reckless comments her mum had made about her. The actress' anger seems to be dissipating, however, as she contemplates starting a family herself.

"It's just a matter of time," she said in reference to the rift. "We were so dirt poor when I was growing up and now there's plenty of money I feel we should be able to enjoy it together."

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