The Vogue covergirl and now author has come a long way since she was first on the radar as a Liverpool schoolgirl dating rising star Wayne Rooney
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The popular Liverpool lass, who is engaged to marry her childhood sweetheart, signs a copy of her book for a young fan
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Author Coleen follows in Victoria's high-heeled footsteps

9 MARCH 2007

Following in the Manolo-clad footsteps of Victoria Beckham, who released a style guide That Extra Half An Inch last year, Coleen McLoughlin has launched her own tome full of fashion tips.

Clad in trendy skinny jeans and a gold sequinned top, the 20-year-old girlfriend of footballing star Wayne Rooney proudly showed off her book, Welcome To My World at a signing session in London on Thursday. "It's not an autobiography," Coleen explained when asked about the book. "I donít have that much to say about my past. People always ask me the same questions Ė what itís like going from being that schoolgirl in the Puffa jacket that everyone saw in the paper to doing what Iím doing now. This book answers that in depth. Itís about what the past four years have been like for me," she adds.

In the new publication, the Liverpool schoolgirl-turned-style queen tells of her life with Wayne, and admits that the Manchester United ace does not share her passion for fashion. "Wayne isn't really into fashion so I donít worry about his opinion of my clothes," she says. "We're not very good at shopping together. Wayne hates it. Sometimes he says he will come with me and Iíll think 'donít bother' because I know that weíll go into one shop and heíll be like, 'Hurry up, hurry up,' or he'll say, 'I'll wait by the door for you,' and that does my head in."

And the self-made millionairess, who has a lucrative contract to model for Asda as well as her own magazine column, says that she has not thrown out her signature Juicy Couture tracksuits and comfy clothes. "Iíve got to feel comfortable," she says, "but the only exception is shoes. Iíll wear the biggest pair of heels and they can kill me but I donít care as long as they look good."

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