16 JULY 2007

When music mogul Sean 'Diddy' Combs made an on-line appeal to find a new personal assistant he might not have reckoned on sifting through 10,000 prospective employees. "What have I started?" he says.

But that's how many people who, in just four days, answered the plea on his MySpace website. In a canny move, however, the rapper has got fans helping him find the right candidate, by asking them to vote for their favourite.

In the video ad filmed at New York offices of the hip hop star, who recently split with long-term partner Kim Porter, Diddy encourages people to send in three-minute clips explaining why they would be great as his number two.

He added a word of warning, however, that the position won't be a breeze. "What better job than to have me scream at you, go crazy, keep you up late hours, have you sleep deprived?" he teases before adding: "You know I'm the best. I like working with the best, so if you the best, holla at your boy."

In a second video clip, made after he realised the huge response he was getting, Diddy insisted: "This is not a joke, I'm trying to give a chance to somebody". And he tightened up his CV requirements to keep things focused. "You have to know how to read and you have to know how to write, if you want to be my personal assistant and travel with me to London and Milan and make sure I am right for the red carpet and help me to make that next billion dollar deal… you got to know how to count. You have to at least have a college degree."

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Photo: © Alphapress.com
In the video plea made from his New York offices the multi-millionaire rapper warned that his new assistant could end up "sleep deprived"Click on photo to enlarge