31 JULY 2007

They've kept viewers entertained for five seasons with their disastrous attempts to do ordinary jobs on The Simple Life. But now Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie will have to look elsewhere for their reality checks. The current series, now being shown on US screens, is to be the last. Bosses at E! Network, which airs the programme, have decided to pull the plug on the show.

A source from the channel told American magazine US Weekly that overexposure of the series' leading ladies is to blame for its demise. "We felt the real life drama of their lives overshadowed anything happening on the show," reveals the insider. "Viewers would see Paris all day long on the news… so they didn't care about her camping with kids. It was too played out."

It may be the end of an era for the hotel heiress, but it looks like she won't be disappearing from screens altogether. The 26-year-old blonde is reported to have signed up to appear in big screen musical Repo! The Genetic Opera!, which tells the tale of the struggle of the survival of the human race after a plague almost destroys it.

Paris – who has also lensed silver screen comedy The Hottie And The Nottie - will play the daughter of a wealthy villain in the new horror-inspired musical adventure, which begins filming in the autumn.

Photo: © Alphapress.com
The hotel heiress' reality show has been pulled after bosses decided that her real life adventures overshadowed her onscreen ones. Paris won't be disappearing from screens altogether, though, having reportedly signed up to appear in new musical feature Repo! The Genetic Opera! Photo: © Getty ImagesClick on photo to enlarge