In the French capital to perform a series of burlesque shows and do her bit for animal rights, the former Baywatch beauty received a special Valentine's Day message from Brigitte Bardot. "You are my Valentine, I kiss you," enthused the Sixties icon
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Pam with a heart-shaped display of blooms which she received at a Valentine's Day press conference in Paris, held to draw attention to the movement to stop Arctic seal hunting
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Pam gets Feb 14 greeting from original sex kitten Brigitte Bardot

15 FEBRUARY 2008
Although Pamela Anderson may not have received a Valentine's Day message from husband Rick Salomon after splitting with the poker player last year, there was still a special greeting in store for the former Baywatch beauty on Thursday.

While on the podium at a Paris press conference against seal hunting, the bubbly blonde was greeted with a message from Brigitte Bardot. The Sixties icon spoke to Pam via speakerphone from her St Tropez home. "You are my Valentine. I kiss you," said the French actress.

Brigitte - a keen animal rights activist - showed her appreciation for Pam after the mum-of-two had agreed to deliver a letter to protest seal hunting to the Canadian ambassador in the French capital.

Pam later repaid the compliment by performing a burlesque show at famous cabaret club Le Crazy Horse to the strains of Harley Davidson, a tune sung by Brigitte in the late Sixties.

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