Still as close as ever, David and Victoria make sure they make space in their busy calendars to spend some time with each other and their family, such as this trip ice skating recently
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The loved-up couple announce their engagement in January 1998
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Romantic David surprises wife Victoria with a second wedding

16 FEBRUARY 2008
Far from the extravagant celebration that marked their marriage, husband-and-wife David and Victoria Beckham renewed their wedding vows in a discreet, intimate ceremony.

With only a handful of friends and family watching, the loving couple were remarried in the grounds of their home in Hertfordshire.

The romantic day was planned by David in complete secrecy. The LA Galaxy footballer surprised his wife by flying her to their luxurious estate and going down on bended knee to ask her to marry him again, reported the Daily Mirror.

With sons Romeo and Brooklyn as page boys, the couple held back the tears as they made their promises to each other once more. "We were in tears. It was beautiful," a friend was reported as saying.

To celebrate the event, David and Victoria have had matching wrist tattoos showing the date of their second ceremony in Roman numerals - VIII.V.MMVI (8 May 2006).

And for Posh Spice, there was no doubt getting married all over again was just as good. "It was the second best day of my life - after our first wedding," she said.

The day after the moving event, David is said to have flown his "new bride" off to Paris for a romantic second honeymoon, staying in a suite filled with roses and enjoying a meal at the Michelin-starred restaurant Guy Savoy.

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