The presenter was in an unusually playful mood on Saturday night's edition of the Weakest Link, when she invited Richard and Judy's wine connoisseur Olly to assess her figure

"Absolutely fantastic!" claimed the delighted wine expert, after getting up close and personal with the TV host

Anne shows off svelte physique in playful 'Weakest Link' moment

7 APRIL 2008
Although Anne Robinson is better known for her stern and steely demeanour on The Weakest Link, she allowed viewers a glimpse of her playful side on Saturday's celebrity version of the show when she invited wine expert Olly Smith to assess her enviable physique.

The flirty exchange came after the professional wine taster told the studio audience what he thought of the 63-year-old show host. "If Anne was a wine," mused the 33-year-old, "she'd be a smooth, full-bodied, expensive red."

However, although he meant it as a compliment the redhead was distinctly unimpressed with his conclusion. "I don't like being called full-bodied," she told him. "I've spent a long time getting this figure!"

The 63-year-old then invited Olly to personally assess just how svelte her figure is. Eagerly making his way to centre stage the star - who hosts The Richard And Judy Wine Club - declared, "You're terrifying. In a sexy way!"

The TV presenter doesn't eat junk food and has regular sessions with her personal trainer to maintain her enviable curves. And it seems her efforts didn't go unnoticed by excitable Olly. After the light-hearted assessment of Anne's gym-honed body, the wine connoisseur looked delighted with himself as he proclaimed: "Absolutely fantastic!"

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