TV's Mr Nasty earns 26 million a year from American Idol, which makes him the highest-paid man on US TV. The star judge is now turning his attention to dating shows, having reportedly invested in Blind Date
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If Simon does launch a revamped version of the dating show, original host Cilla won't be playing Cupid. She'll be fronting a new matchmaking programme entitled Loveland
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American TV's top male earner Simon plans 'Blind Date' revival

6 AUGUST 2008
Straight-talking British music mogul Simon Cowell, who launched his TV talent show in America and now lives in LA, has been named the highest-paid man on US television.

With earnings of over 26 million a year from American Idol alone, Simon beat US chat show kings Jay Leno and David Letterman to top the list.

And despite never needing to work again the 48-year-old has a new project in the pipeline. According to reports he's masterminding a revival of hit dating show Blind Date after buying a share of the programme's rights.

The show's original host Cilla Black - who helped attract 17 million viewers in its Eighties heyday - won't be returning to play cupid on the revamped version, however. She's signed up to front Loveland, a new dating programme in which contestants will be shown animated versions of their potential dates before selecting one, and meeting them for real.

"It captivated me with its modern twist on the dating format," enthuses the flame-haired Liverpudlian.