24 OCTOBER 2008

When Delia Smith was approached by an enthusiastic fan during one of her cookery classes, the celebrity chef happily acquiesced to his request for a photo with his idol. Little did she know that the polite gentlemen who clutched one of her recipe books was not a member of the public, but tempestuous TV cook Gordon Ramsay in disguise.

The F Word host had spent hours being fitted with prosthetics so he could go under cover at one of the cookery workshops Delia runs at Norwich City Football Club, of which she is chairperson.

His appearance further altered by glasses, wearing a cardie, and with a fake Scottish accent, the Michelin-starred chef had Delia completely fooled. She didn't find out until he 'fessed-up to the deception while they were both watching a football game some weeks later.

Gordon's trickery was all in aid of his new show Cookalong Live which begins on Channel 4 this Friday night. Part of the new series, which aims to show viewers how to cook a different three-course meal each week, will be devoted to Gordon's pranks. He has duped a number of his famous culinary colleagues in an attempt to see what his rivals are up to.

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The fiery TV chef wore makeup, glasses and a hairpiece to alter his appearance. Delia had no idea as to his real identity Photo: © Channel 4Click on photo to enlarge