22 DECEMBER 2008

Fresh from his Strictly Come Dancing victory at the weekend, Tom Chambers had a revelation for his fans. "I'm not a dancer, I just love to dance," admitted the 31-year-old actor. "What I wanted to do was go out and make it entertainment because it's a dance and entertainment show."

The British public obviously agreed with his approach. After a tie in the semi final carried him and professional partner Camilla Dallerup through to Saturday's final, the pair claimed the top spot, beating Rachel Stevens into second.

If the success of last year's winner is anything to go by, Tom stands to make thousands in endorsements as well as getting more work due to his boosted profile. For now, the Holby star has only one thing on his mind though – enjoying his honeymoon with wife Claire Harding.

The couple married in October, but plans to take a holiday had to be put on hold for Strictly. "It's worth the wait but we're excited we're finally getting away," he revealed. "We're flying off somewhere very warm and sunny."

Photo: © Alphapress.com
The Holby star, pictured sharing a celebratory hug with dancing partner Camilla Dallerup after learning of their win, says he was in Strictly as an entertainer rather than a dancer Photo: © BBCClick on photo to enlarge