While it's true that the TV gardener's Madame Tussauds figure is the wax museum's most kissed, other snippets of trivia included on web encyclopaedia Wikipedia are the result of 'creative' storytelling by pranksters
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'Rubbish' says Alan Titchmarsh about Wikipedia Karma Sutra info

30 JANUARY 2009
Although he's penned a couple of hot romances, admirers of celebrity gardener Alan Titchmarsh will have been surprised to read that he's also supposed to have written a guide to the Karma Sutra.

The credit appeared in an online biography of the former Ground Force presenter, along with other erroneous information including that he's a trustee of a charity called Gardens For Squats and once auditioned for a role as a psychopathic horticulturalist.

Several parts of the entry were, in fact, the work of hoaxers, prompting Wikipedia, the web-based encyclopaedia in which the article appeared, to apologise.

"I'm horrified at the mess this article is in and these errors will be corrected," said a spokesperson.

For his part the household favourite dismissed the claims about a Karma Sutra book as "absolute rubbish". "I've got a new series of gardening guides coming out, that's it," he laughed.

One unlikely sounding fact is true, however. The Wikipedia write-up says his Madame Tussauds waxwork is "one of the most fondled". The model is kissed so often by over enthusiastic fans that it regularly has to have the lipstick washed from its face.

"Isn't it hilarious?" says the 59-year-old TV presenter. "My daughters tell me it's because my model is next to Brad Pitt's, so visitors get us confused."

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