Sports aces visit Gordon Brown to ask for his support in providing 20 million malaria nets to Africa by next year
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A net was hung on the PM's front door to drive home the point about the need to save lives
Photo: Rex

Becks, Andy and Denise drop in on Downing St on anti-malaria mission

21 APRIL 2009
Sporting giants David Beckham and Andy Murray challenged each other at each other's sports for a good cause on Monday. But first they had a meeting with the Prime Minister at his official residence.

The champs were joined by Olympic gold medallist Denise Lewis as they asked Gordon Brown to honour a pledge to deliver 20 million life-saving mosquito nets to Africa. Mosquitos transmit malaria, causing sickness on the continent every year.

Urging the public to back new charity Malaria No More UK, 33-year-old David said: "For less than the cost of a football you can protect a family from dying."

Earlier in the day Becks signalled his commitment in a more light-hearted way at Wembley, playing tennis against British Number One Andy.

David proved surprisingly handy with a racquet, earning a compliment from the Scotsman. "I'm very surprised at your tennis skills," said the 21-year-old court ace.

The pair then practised free kicks in a goal made of mosquito nets, with the England player telling him fellow sportsman: "I've heard about your football skills. I'm still kind of surprised. Your free kicks were good."

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