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Ronnie Wood's girl Ekaterina turns model and talks babies

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From working as a cocktail waitress to starring in magazine photo shoots, 20-year-old Ekaterina Ivanova's life has become a rollercoaster ride since she struck up a relationship with 61-year-old Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood.

And now, in an interview in a British magazine, Ekaterina has revealed the pair, who got close during a break at the veteran rocker's Irish pile last July, are apparently looking to the future. A family with the father of four could even be on the cards she reveals: "Maybe it would be nice – but not for at least ten years."

Dismissing the 41-year age gap between herself and Ronnie, the Russian adds: "Not every 60-year-old is going to be doing what people say 60-year-olds should do, like smoking a pipe, and not every 20-year-old likes to go clubbing either."

"He makes me happy; he's funny. We're like Lego that just clicks together."

Despite that, wedding bells are not in the air for the couple. "That would be mad," Ekaterina says. "I don’t even know him properly yet."

Photo: Rex
Ekaterina, who says she and the veteran rocker fit together like Lego, reveals that kids could be an option for the couple - but much further down the line

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