Baby Bloom: Meet Orlando and Miranda's jetset son Flynn

There are few sights more heart-warming than that of a father holding his baby.

This week, one of the newest recruits to the devoted dad club, Orlando Bloom, was spotted making his way through LAX airport with his three-month-old son Flynn.

Cradling the little boy, accompanied by his wife Miranda Kerr, the Hollywood actor, looked completely besotted as he walked inquisitive Flynn through airport security.

It was a rare public outing for the adorable tot, who was born on January 6, weighing a very healthy 9lbs 12oz.

With his gorgeous chubby cheeks and big almond eyes, he absolutely stole the show.

Mum Miranda, meanwhile, has taken no time at all to regain her svelte pre-pregnancy figure. 

The 27-year-old model even took part in a bikini shoot for Victoria's Secret recently, just months after what she described as a "long, arduous and difficult labour".

Shortly after welcoming little Flynn, Miranda – who gave fans their first glimpse of her baby at two weeks old –  revealed that she had given birth without pain medication.

She added that her husband remained by her side "the whole time supporting and guiding me though it".

"I could not have done it without him," she said.

For Orlando, 33, fatherhood has proved the most fulfilling role of them all.

"It's awesome, I love it," he recently told a US publication. "I hate that word, but I love being a father. It's changed everything in so many ways, Miranda is an amazing mother."