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Heidi Klum proves she's a flexible friend in outdoor yoga class

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Heidi Klum's new fitness regime has taken New York City by storm. To promote her lifestyle blog on AOL, the 38-year-old has convinced a team of runners to clock up 100,000 miles in total over six weeks.So far - alongside the likes of Mirande Kerr, Michael Kors, Coco Rocha and Kim Kardashian - the German beauty has logged an impresive 93.77 miles since June 20. Most recently she was snapped running across the Brooklyn Bridge with the appropriately named Sports Illustrated model Brooklyn Decker. The pair were all smiles as they leaped for AOL photographers at the end of their run.


Heidi updates her fitness blog regularly and has been joined by Fitness and Wellness Expert Andrea Orbeck to offer tips and encouragement. Of her running challenge she blogged: "Making the decision to run this summer was a great one ... "I feel healthier and more energetic than ever before, and I love that so many of my friends have joined me along the way. "In addition to her jogging routine, Heidi agreed to join her friend, hip-hop legend Russell Simmons for an outdoor yoga class at Riverbank State Park. In her blog she wrote, "I asked my buddy Russell Simmons to join me on my summer run and I got a big, capital NO! "But, he invited me for one of his 90 minute yoga practices in the park with his favorite teacher, Jules Febre. I don't do yoga and I'm not very flexible but I was open to give it a try!


"I learned that even though you aren't always as good as the other people at the poses or you don't look as elegant or can't stretch as far, you just do what you can!"Despite her inexperience, Heidi looked like a natural. She laughed and remained in high spirits as she challenged herself on several advanced poses.