'Dallas' warring clan returns after 20-year truce... and you're not dreaming

Two decades have gone past, but the simmering tension and powerful egos are still evident among the Dallas crew.

Linda Gray – aka the long-suffering Sue Ellen Ewing – cuts a youthful figure next to her on-screen husband JR, played by Larry Hagman.


The warring pair will plough on through yet more marital woes.

Meanwhile, Patrick Duffy reprises his role as JR’s brother Bobby. And in a coup for the producers, Desperate Housewives narrator Brenda Strong will portray his new wife.

Victoria Principal  Bobby's first wife in the original  is the only former cast member not to sign up for the reunion.

However a shock appearance hasn't been ruled out, with Patrick teasingly telling ITV's Daybreak: "Our producer has said that any actor who's still alive and was on the show, the option is that that character could come back".  


Although Victoria's character Pamela is absent for now, there is a nod to her most famous scene in one promotional shot.

The cheeky image shows the cast in the shower, wearing towels and in JR's case his famous ten-gallon hat, alongside the tagline: "They're back and no, you're not dreaming".

Fans will recognise this as a reference to the plot twist in which the glamorous brunette came accross her presumed dead husband in her shower, only to realise his death in a car accident had been a nightmare.

The young guns lining up to give Dallas a modern twist include Jesse Metcalfe and Josh Henderson.

Josh will play dashing young JR III, who is at loggerheads with his cousin, Christopher Ewing.

Rebecca Sutter and Elena Ramos as their stunning girlfriends provide the oil heirs with some respite from the trials of the Texan dynasty.  

The drama unfolds on Channel 5 this summer.