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'We talk about hair!': Zac Efron on hanging out with Becks

zac efron
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Zac Efron says he adores David Beckham and he models his hair on the footballer's locks.The heart-throb who was mobbed by adoring fans during a stop over in London spoke about hanging out with Victoria's husband and his aspirations to become a West End star.


How do you like London then Zac? "Apart from the rain! London? It's a great city and I'm getting to know it more and more with every visit. I love soccer too – I went to see the Arsenal versus Chelsea game on Sunday which was fun. It's tricky when I'm working because there's not that much time for leisure, but I'd really like to come here in my own time at some point. I?d really like to explore the city without having to dash to a press event!"Have you got a favourite part or place in London at all? "The Camden area is somewhere I definitely want to spend more time in. It's got such a cool reputation and the people are awesome. I also want to take in some music festivals here as well. I love my music and it’d be great to see some real live stuff in London." Have you got any ambitions to act in the West end? "That's definitely an ambition of mine. It's fair to say I'll be looking to do that at some point in the future for sure. It seems the natural progression and I always want to test myself. I'm not sure my ideal play would be – I guess I'll see what becomes available."


Given the subject of your latest film, do you have any friends in the Marines? "I don't have any friends who are Marines, I do have some friends in the Army, another in the Air Force and another who is a Navy Seal. Now, after this film, I have a tonne of friends who are Marines! It's just crazy how young they are, and all doing something really special."What is your currently relationship status, is there anyone special in your life at the moment? "My relationship status is pretty much single at the moment." Are there any British stars that you would like to work with that you haven't already? "There are so many. I worked with Imogen Poots and she was unbelievable - I worked with her in Me and Orson Welles. I love Ben Chaplin, he is so much fun. You guys have all the great actors! Ben Kingsley is another – he's awesome." Your hair is quite similar to David Beckham's..."Oh thanks!"


You've become quite friendly with David; do you meet up much in LA and if so do you hang out? "Yeah we get together and talk about hair!"Is your hair based on David Beckham's then? "Pretty much. I've got this big map on my wall and I've got this big, big plan." Have you got any new haircuts up your sleeve then, because David is obviously famous for his haircuts? "Yep, next I'm going to try and do the bleached Mohawk!"'The Lucky One' hits UK screens on May 2