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Tara bears her soul as she re-invents herself as a pop star

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Tara Palmer-Tomkinson has finally plucked up the courage to release the album she began five years ago – and her critics might be pleasantly surprised. The album, Flawed features emotive ballads with catchy melodies written by Tara. The lyrics detail the former It girl's laments over lost love, and her battles with drug addiction.


Forty-year-old Tara says she hopes the new project might change some people's negative opinions of her. She was especially hurt about stories criticising her appearance after she underwent reconstructive surgery on her nose and comments she was just a party girl. "After all that nose stuff I did feel, 'I'm going to show you'," the bubbly brunette tells the Daily Mail.

"It does hurt very much when people say you're talentless and don't have a brain. I try my best and you can't do more than your best.


 "This album is absolutely hand-on-heart my autobiography. Don't expect Cheryl Cole and I wouldn't say I'm Annie Lennox. But I am what I am." Tara has posted the video of one of her new tracks, Five Seconds, online. In it, footage of her playing the piano and singing is interspersed with shots of the socialite attending red carpet events, jogging with her dogs, and snuggling up with a mystery man.