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Exclusive: Bradley Cooper on the 'magical' role that made the Academy take notice

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With an Oscar nomination to his name, it's obvious how critics at the Academy feel about Bradley Cooper's turn in lost soul romance Silver Linings Playbook, but what does the actor himself think about the film that has given him award season standing? "The best thing about doing this movie has been the reaction people who've seen it have had," Bradley told HELLO! Online at the film's Madrid premiere. "They've been affected by [my character] Pat and the other characters, who've made them feel a part of something. There's something magical about the movie." 

Bradley Cooper

The actor is of course talking about his bittersweet portrayal of a bi-polar man trying to claw his way back to love and happiness in David O. Russell's Oscars contender. The role is a huge departure from The Hangover films that put Bradley Cooper firmly on the Hollywood radar. Despite the change, it wasn't difficult for the star to adapt to the shoot, which took place in his hometown of Philadelphia. "I've used a lot of my childhood and how I grew to connect with my character," he reveals. "I only had to worry about being authentic and that all came from the heart."

Fellow screen star Robert De Niro also stars, as does Jennifer Lawrence, who plays Bradley's equally troubled love interest. Both actors find common ground as they train for a dance contest and fall in love. Much like his character in the film, the 39-year-old admits he has "done crazy things for love," but declined to go into details. Having just split from girlfriend Zoe Saldana, Bradley says he will spend Oscars night in the company of friends and "waiting for his mum to get ready".

Bradley Cooper

Gloria Cooper, pictured above, will look proudly on as the Academy courts her son's talents on February 24. The actor is very close to his mother and invited her to move in with him when his father passed away in 2011.

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