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The Apprentice 2013: Tim Stillwell becomes the second casualty of the boardroom

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He drew attention to himself at the end of the first task with an impromptu speech in the boardroom, and things went from bad to worse for Tim Stillwell in the second episode of The Apprentice. Appointed project manager of the girls' team Evolve, the Mexican food entrepreneur was given the opportunity to keep his promise to Lord Sugar that he hadn't seen the best of him. Unfortunately for Tim, he failed to deliver and became the second contestant to be fired.

The two teams were tasked with creating and selling a new flavour of beer. While the boys settled on a chocolate orange beverage, Tim and the girls decided upon rhubarb and caramel.

Their eventual profit of £399.02 was dwarfed by Endeavour, the boys' team led by Kurt, who raked in £831.56.Evolve's failing was in no small part down to the fact that they chose to sell their product at a local beer festival, which, it turned out, was being held in a small pub. Their sub-team also spent four hours struggling to produce the beer on a large scale and get the quantities right.

As Lord Sugar's aide Karren Brady looked on in despair, they were at one point told their beer was not safe to drink. Eventually they got it right, but not before they had wasted over £100 in materials. The boys, however, flew through the manufacturing process.Lord Sugar labelled the girls' team "a shambles". "I'm sitting here thinking to myself, you're all a bloody waste of space at the moment. I mean, the basic fundamentals; counting, calculations, locations, where you are going to sell. These are very elementary things. "Tim decided to bring Francesca Mac-Duff-Varley and Rebecca Slater back into the boardroom, but the writing was on the wall for the enthusiatic hopeful.

The Birmingham businessman said he regretted speaking up at the end of the first task "big time". "The best thing that I've learned is that there's a time when you don't need to talk,” he admitted. "There's a time to speak up, and there's a time when you should just let it go." 

But Tim said he just couldn't resist having the last word in the boardroom. 

"It's sort of like when you're having an argument with somebody and they cut you off, and even though the argument's over you still have so much to say about it," he confessed. "But usually you don't have eight cameras on you and loads of eyes, so you can calm down and think I'll just drop it. But I was unprepared to drop my argument with Lord Sugar. In reality I should have kept calm and just left it and thought I'll prove myself in the next task. But he put me in my place quite quickly." 

Fourteen candidates remain in the fight to secure £250,000 to fund their business dreams.

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