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The Apprentice 2013: Uzma Yakoob becomes fourth candidate to be fired

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It was her third time in the bottom three, but Uzma Yakoob found her luck had run out. She became the fourth contestant to be fired from The Apprentice on Wednesday after failing to impress in a rural retail task.With the women and men now mixed together, teams Endeavour and Evolve were tasked with sourcing, stocking and selling produce in a farm shop in episode four of the series.


In the end, Evolve, under the direction of Project Manager Luisa Zissman came out on top, with a total profit of £631.52 after deciding to sell buffalo meat, takeaway soup and jacket potatoes. Endeavour, led by Soccer Centres' manager Neil Clough, opted to sell milkshakes made from premium Jersey milk. They made £539.67.Neil brought make-up brand owner Uzma, 32, and Kurt Wilson back into the boardroom with him — and Uzma's Apprentice dreams soon came to an end. "Uzma, third time in the final three, and a couple of times people have said you don't contribute," Lord Sugar said as he announced his decision. "I have had comments back from Nick and Karren, who had the benefit of following you, and I have to say they support some of that in some respects…


"Uzma, no smoke without fire, I say. I'm sorry Uzma, you're fired. "It was a lucky escape for Kurt, 26, who runs his own smoothie business and tried to use the task to push his own business model forward. "Kurt if you thought this shakes route was going to be your chance to prove to me that your business model is solid, then you've failed," Lord Sugar said. "How can I go into business with somebody who doesn't know how many he can sell. "As she left in a black cab, Uzma reflected on her time on The Apprentice. "The last thing that Lord Sugar said to me was that there's no smoke without fire," she said. "He hasn't yet seen the fire in me, and I'm going to take my business idea, I'm going to make it happen, and I'm going to make millions from it." Team Evolve were treated to a four-course meal at renowned London restaurant Tramshed as a reward for their win. Team member Jordan did come under fire though, when he celebrated their win in the boardroom with a loud "Get In!". "Can I just remind you, this is not a football match," Lord Sugar said, sternly.There are now 12 candidates reminding in the fight to become Lord Sugar's business partner. Jaz Ampaw-Farr, 41, was the first to be fired, followed by Tim Stillwell, 23, in episode two. Last week, Sophie Lau became the third hopeful to leave the competition after failing to shine in a flat-pack furniture task.

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