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Kisses from Daddy: David Beckham and daughter Harper cuddle up as family reunite with Tom Cruise

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SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEOThe Kiss Cam at an ice hockey game captured a touching moment between David Beckham and his little girl this week. As the camera focused in on his family while they watched the playoffs, David showered his daughter Harper Beckham with kisses and cuddles much to her delight. After seeing that the camera had stopped on him and his youngest child, David was quick to point out to Harper that they were on the big screen before giving her a big kiss. As soon as she realised, the adorable little girl smiled a big toothy grin and pointed to the projection to the delight of the crowd.

David Beckham

Proudly looking on was her mother, Victoria Beckham, who has been featured on a Kiss Cam with her husband previously. The couple's three boys were also at the game, making it a real family affair.They weren't the only celebs watching the Los Angeles Kings take on the San Jose Sharks — so too was David and Victoria's friend Tom Cruise, who was seated with his son Connor one row in front. It has been a while since the Oblivion star has been seen with the Beckhams. Prior to his divorce from Katie Holmes, Tom was often pictured with the British couple, and in 2007 both he and Katie welcomed David and Victoria to LA with a star-studded party.

David Beckham

Nevertheless, the families were clearly very happy to be reunited, with the two men embracing warmly at the start of the game before catching up.

Both Tom and Connor were seen laughing when Harper and David featured on the Kiss Cam — and the Beckhams found it funny too, with the boys and Victoria smiling as they watched father and daughter in their starring moment.

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