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Robbie Williams calls 1D's tattoos 'horrendous'

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Robbie Williams, who says he feels like an honorary sixth member of boy band One Direction, has admitted he's had some bad tattoos done in the past, but none quite as "horrendous" as those favoured by the group's Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne and Niall Horan. "I'm in the One Direction bad tattoo club," Robbie told Daily Mail. "I have bad tattoos — so do they. They're winning. They're got some horrendous ones." "I like checking out their new tattoos and me showing them my new tattoos," he said.

The Take The Crown star may be referring to Harry's more random collection of inkings that includes a 99p on his wrist, a "Hi" on his upper left arm and a black lock on his left wrist. Louis has been equally as unpredictable with his choice of body art, which includes an etching of the word "OOPS!" and a stickman on a skateboard. The boys formed a close bond with the Take That singer after they performed on The X Factor together in 2010, the show where One Direction found fame. "I sang 'She's The One' with them on The X Factor, so I've seen various stages of their growth," said Robbie. "And I've been a member of One Direction, as it were. So I like to see how they're doing." Robbie, known as the mischievous band member of Take That, said the boys remind him of his own youthful days. He has admitted to keeping tabs on the group's shenanigans, but revealed he is particularly "envious" of Harry's romances.

The so-called sixth member of One Direction has said there are differences, however, between the two groups. "It seems as though there's no Jason Orange and Gary Barlow there to tell them off and give them, ironically, a bit of direction," said Robbie. "It would seem that it's a band of Robbies and Mark Owens. It's going to be fascinating to see what happens," he said. The One Direction boys were recently criticised for appearing drunk on stage on their US tour, which they strongly denied.

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Niall took to Twitter to set the record straight, posting, "I'm clearing this one up now. This bull about us being drunk on stage! No way is that true !ever ever! Who is making this s**t up?" The hearsay started when a gif appeared online of Niall and Louis supposedly discussing putting vodka in their water bottles. Robbie has just kicked off his Take The Crown stadium tour around the UK. He did find a moment to take a break from his busy schedule and indulge in a spa with his drummer. "Pre show bath with my drummer. We're close. RW x," he tweeted, alongside a photo of his heavily-inked body.