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Angelina Jolie comforts Syrian refugees

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Angelina Jolie has left behind Brad Pitt and her six children as she travelled to the border of Jordan to meet Syrian refugees who have fled their war-torn country. "We can't know your pain," said Angelina, speaking to the men, women and children who had lost their loved ones.

The sensational actress and humanitarian aid worker encouraged them, however, to tell their tales of grief and sadness as she listened quietly. Some of the refugees had fled Syria just hours before and as Angelina met with them shelling could be clearly heard just miles away.

At the border, she listened to stories of great courage and sadness. "In the battles and bombing, most of my friends died," said one refugee, Mohammed Al-Kassem. "There is nothing left, all was destroyed, no buildings, no medicines. Ninety five men died because their wounds became infected and there was nothing to treat them with. "I was the only one of my family to escape. Those who could not flee can only wait for death." Angelina called the situation in Syria a "human tragedy" and "the worst humanitarian crisis of the 21st century," and called on the world to address the country's plight. As a special envoy for the United Nations, she is known for using her high-profile celebrity status to make people aware of humanitarian issues. She last visited the Jordanian border in December.

Angelina said the reason for her visit was to both show support for Syria's refugees and to "better understand the needs in Jordan and other countries in the region most directly affected by this devastating conflict" and specifically called for a political settlement to the conflict. She will meet with the government and refugees living in Jordan's cities, as well as in the sprawling Za'atri refugee camp, during her visit. She travelled to Jordan to mark World Refugee Day which is commemorated on 20 June every year.

Brad Pitt, meanwhile, has been attending premieres to promote his latest film World War Z and has missed his wife's absence. "She has always been the brave, bold individual that I fell for," he said at the New York premiere before adding, "and sexy as ever".

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