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Exclusive: Khloé Kardashian tells HELLO! that her sister Kim will be a 'phenomenal' mother

1 July 2013
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Khloé Kardashian Odom has told HELLO! Online that her sister Kim Kardashian, who has just become a first-time mum to baby girl North West, will be a "phenomenal mother". The popular reality TV star, who has been admirably open about her own struggle to conceive, was speaking ahead of the latest series of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Viewers will see the family preparing for the birth of Kim's baby, with plenty of drama along the way. "Kim's pregnancy was not easy," admits Khloé, who added that the new series shows some "incredible" family moments. Former X Factor USA host Khloé chats to HELLO! Online about life with her famous family, Kim's pregnancy and baby shower, her own weight loss, and how strangers offer her fertility advice. Khloé also reveals why she felt the need to defend Kim from "vicious" criticisms...

What sort of mum do you think Kim is going to be? "I think she is going to be a fabulous mum. No matter how many books you read or videos you watch, you'll never be 100 per cent prepared, but your maternal instincts kick in." You wrote a supportive email to Kim after she was criticised for both her pregnancy style and weight gain. Did you know she was going to publish that on her blog? "No. Kim was actually at my house earlier that day and people were being vicious to her and she was having a really hard day. After she left my house, I wrote her that email and I didn't know she was going to put it on her blog. People were tweeting me 'what a beautiful letter' and I called Kim and said 'I think your email was hacked as people know about the letter'. She said 'Oh no, it really touched me' and she just wanted to share how supportive of one another we are. It was her choice. I don't mind that it is out there, but it was really just meant for Kimberley. I was a little embarrassed that it was so mushy, but hey." Kim has said that you're the most protective when it comes to the Kardashian sisters and their men... "Very true (laughs). I might be the baby out of Kourtney and Kim, but you know, I am very protective and can be vicious. Be wary of me. I just, you know, I feel like I have to protect them."

You've been open about your battle to conceive and you've said that you have strangers offering you fertility advice... "Yes they do. I understand it is sweet and they are trying to be helpful, but like I can be in the grocery store and taken aback by this conversation I am having with a complete stranger. It is so personal that I do get wierded out, but I also have to kind of step back and realise they are trying to be helpful. You know, they know the ins and outs of my life because of the show, I have to remind myself of that, too." Viewers of the latest series of Keeping Up With the Kardashians will see how Kim's pregnancy is different to Kourtney's... "Yeah, very different. I think that is going to be something really interesting for viewers, too. Kourtney's pregnancy was so effortless and easy, and even her labour, she pulled out her own son, which is not what you would say is normal. Then Kim's pregnancy has not been so easy, with some harder days and some great days. But I think that it is great for women to see all the different forms of pregnancy, like even with two sisters, how different they can be." Your slimmed down figure has been attracting a lot of attention lately. Did you expect that? "Well no, I have been on a work-out kick for about eight months now. I've been really focused on trying to lose some weight and stay healthy and fit. And you know, nothing is quick, there hasn't been anything sudden. I don't know why people have suddenly noticed - it has been about eight months of me working out and trying to get fit. I don't really understand all the commotion."

What motivated you to lose weight? "Nothing in particular. I mean my weight has always fluctuated and I have always struggled with that, and done diets and stuff that's not long term and not a real solution. I have really just made a lifestyle change. You can eat all this junk food, but you don't realise how fast you can gain weight. It has just been something I have been slowly doing."

Your husband is basketball player Lamar Odom. Does he motivate you to get fit? "He has loved my body in all shapes and sizes, he has never critiqued it or anything. I have a very supportive husband. I love working out with him. I thought I wouldn't have because he would be constantly fixing my form or whatever, but it is really fun. We go on hikes, we have a puppy and we take him with us. It is fun, you know, he teaches me new work-outs that I would never know. It's bonding." What's the most dramatic thing we can expect to see in the new series? "I mean we, there is so much, and we are still filming until August, but in the very premiere episode were filmed finding out the sex of Kim's baby, which was so incredible, then my stepbrothers are now going to be part of the series which you know is such a bonus, and no-one has ever seen that dynamic before. I think it is going to be really special and something that viewers are going to want to see. I mean there is so much, we have been filming for like five months, and I forget everything that has happened."

We will also get to see Kim's baby shower in the series, which you helped arranged along with your sister Kourtney, mum Kris Jenner and family friend Shelli Azoff..."I was really excited for it. Planning for it was really irritating because there were so many cooks in the kitchen. Things got lost in translation and it got very irritating. Kourtney and I were like 'lets do it by ourselves because there are too many people.'" What did you buy Kim? "My sister wanted everyone to donate money to a children's hospital in Chicago." Your stepbrothers Bruce and Brandon Jenner are both in the new series. How does this change the dynamics? "When my mum married Bruce Jenner, we all lived under the same roof, all eight of us [Bruce has four children from previous relationships) before Kylie and Kendall were born. When we all got a little older, everyone went their separate ways, but with Bruce's kids, but we all have such a connection as we grew up in the same home. Bruce and Brody had a bit more of a strained relationship and recently they have been working on that, and I'm glad you really get to see that, go down that journey, with them reconnecting on the show. You really get an understanding of Bruce's children and Bruce a little more. We [the Kardashian siblings] have a really close relationship with them, which is great. We get on really well." Has there ever been footage that you've asked not to be used or have you ever stopped filming? "No never. We have never done that ever and I think that's why people love our show, you can tell it is authentic. We have shown some pretty crazy things, and not all things are good, you know; dark times and some of the fights are nasty, and Scott's ups and downs. We think it makes us learn and grow and better ourselves as human beings. I think that is the attraction." Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 8 premieres on Sunday 7July at 10pm on E!

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