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Justin Bieber shows off his latest tattoo on Instagram

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Justin Bieber has added yet another tattoo to his growing collection of body art. Justin, 19, revealed that he now has his 17th tattoo, in the form of a striking eye design inked on the inside of his left elbow."@bangbangnyc did this art," wrote Justin on his Instagram account. "Mom's always watching ;)"Justin's army of fans swiftly showed their appreciation for the singer's new tattoo with more than 800,000 people 'liking' the photo on Instagram.

Justin Bieber

Justin's eye tattoo sits below one depicting the open mouth of a roaring tiger and above the image of a knight and a castle and the word 'Believe', which is the title of his first album.The man behind Justin's new body art is celebrity tattoo artist Keith 'Bang Bang' McCurdy, who also created a number of Justin's previous tattoos. Rihanna, Chris Brown and Katy Perry are also members of Keith's A-list clientele, as is British model Cara Delevingne who visited his New York tattoo parlour just a couple of days ago. Cara unveiled her third tattoo, a 'Made In England' motif on the sole of her foot, via her Instagram account and credited tattoo maestro Keith in the photo's caption.

Justin Bieber

In February Canadian pop sensation Justin got his fourth tattoo in two months. The tattoo, which is on the same arm as his latest eye design, is of a large cross symbol that reportedly represents the Greek letter 'Chi', which means Christ.Earlier this year, Justin had a rose tattoo on his leg, and an image of a Native American wearing a headdress on his upper left shoulder. He also had his mother Pattie Mallette's birth year inked in roman numerals on his collarbone.Justin's latest tattoo comes as no surprise, given that the singer said he was planning on adding to his collection at the beginning of the year. "I definitely see myself getting more in the future, but slowly but surely," said Justin. "I'm not going to go too crazy right away and get something on my neck or anything like that." 

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