Kristen Stewart reveals new tattoos at Chanel fashion show

Kristen Stewart has revealed her new tattoos for the first time.

The Twilight actress, who recently split from fellow co-star Robert Pattinson, revealed her recently acquired tattoos at the Chanel show at Paris Fashion Week, holding her palm out for fans to see.

Small and minimalist, the unique designs are on the side of the brunette beauty's wrists. One, which the 23-year-old got more than a week ago at Pride and Glory Tattoo Parlor in Tennessee, appears to be a very small infinity symbol in black ink on the inside of her right wrist.



The other fresh inking, on Kristen's left wrist, consists of four small parallel lines in black ink.

"She asked us to keep it hush hush," said a spokesperson for Pride and Glory tattoo parlour in Nashville.

The brunette beauty stopped by the parlour on her way to the airport with five friends, according to E! News, and all five had tattoos done.

Kristen posed with fans after getting inked, and the photo was later posted on Pride and Glory's Facebook page, showing the actress striking a pose and pointing to her wrist.


She was described as "supersweet, real shy" by passers-by. "She didn't want anybody to know who she was," said a source.

Kristen didn't just show off her new tattoos – thought to be her first ever – at Chanel’s presentation at Paris Fashion Week. She also flaunted her slender legs in a pair of tiny shorts, which she accompanied with a white double-breasted jacket.

She had vamped up her look with black leather gloves, several chain bracelets and a black Chanel bag.