Coronation Street star Kym Lomas taking time apart from husband Jamie Lomas
Coronation Street star Kym Lomas and her actor husband Jamie Lomas are reportedly spending time apart to work though their marital difficulties.

Kym, 37, and Jamie, 33, have put their house in Worsley, Greater Manchester, up for sale, sparking speculation that the couple's marriage is on the rocks.

The television stars tied the knot just eleven months ago in a star-studded ceremony that saw friends and fellow co-stars Michelle Keegan and Antony Cotton in attendance.



Kym and Jamie have always had "a tempestuous relationship" and it seems that this time round the arguments proved too much for the pair.

"They've not split up but have been going through a tricky time — arguments and various other things," an insider told The Sun. "They have always had a tempestuous relationship and have been through a hell of a lot."

Kym and Jamie, who have a two-year old daughter Polly together, have spent their fair share of time apart during their marriage.

The couple are based in Manchester but Jamie has had to spend time away in London filming scenes for EastEnders, after he recently joined the cast in June. His character, Jake Stone, will appear on screen from September.



This is not the first time Kym and Jamie's marriage has been under strain. The couple spent time apart when Jamie travelled to Los Angeles to try and launch his acting career, which caused difficulties for their relationship.

While Jamie was away, he undoubtedly missed milestones in Polly's life, and Kym has previously said that she found the period trying.

The couple were together for four years before they tied the knot, and Polly was born in 2011. Kym was previously married to EastEnders star Jack Ryder, but the pair divorced in 2009 after she admitted adultery.

Kym has two other children from her previous relationship to teenage sweetheart Dave Cunliffe, David, 18, and Emily, 15.