The Middletons' £7million family home faces flooding threat

Carole and Michael Middleton are among the thousands of people in Britain facing flooding risks from the storms which are sweeping across the country.

Kate Middleton's parents are residents of Bucklebery, Berkshire – a town where locals have been warned to expect flooding after the River Pang has overflowed.

The family's £7million home is situated close to the Pang's Bucklebury ford, the river's last stop before joining the River Kennet, a tributary of the Thames.

Prince George spent some of the first days of his life at the Middletons' home after his parents swapped Kensington Palace for the security of being around Kate's family in the days after she gave birth, and it is where the Duchess' dad Michael captured the first official picture of the trio.

A report by the Environment Agency highlighted a limited amount of flooding around the River Pang, with a warning that water levels could rise in the coming days.

Carole and Michael Middleton with Kate's siblings Pippa and James

The updated information said a flood warning was still in place though water levels were "still high though currently stable" as of Tuesday night.

Giving the residents peace of mind will no doubt be the £600,000 flood defense scheme that was installed in 2007 after the area was hit with floods.

The Bucklebury Flood Alleviation project consists of a number of devices to project the town from rising water levels, including a bypass channel divert water around the village, flood embankments and a dry ford.