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Beyoncé, Jennifer Garner and Victoria Beckham want to ban 'bossy' - VIDEO

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Jennifer Garner and Beyoncé Knowles want to ban use of the word ‘bossy’ towards girls who have the spirit of a leader, and former Spice Girls star Victoria Beckham has showed her support too.The actress – who is married to Ben Affleck and has three children with the thespian – plus singer Beyoncé, who has daughter Blue Ivy with rapper Jay Z, feature in a PSA alongside many other famous faces arguing the case.

beyonce bossy video

Beyoncé Knowles has spoken up for girls

The likes of Glee star Jane Lynch, American politician Condoleezza Rice, and fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg, think it’s unfair that the label stops females from aiming for top jobs in their career. “Being labelled something matters,” Jennifer says in the video where Girl Scouts of the USA and join forces with the Lifetime TV network.

Beyoncé added that ladies are brought up to take such feedback as an insult while males see it as a compliment. "Girls are less interested in leadership than boys," she admits in the clip. The performer has been entertaining crowds at London’s O2 Arena recently and added that although she is the woman who provided jobs for many others, she is not too demanding. "I'm not bossy – I'm the boss," she can be heard saying. The campaign is trying to give girls a sense of empowerment from an early age and more information can be obtained at

jennifer garner bossy video

Jennifer Garner lends her face to the campaign

Fashion designer Victoria alerted her fans to the cause on Twitter Monday afternoon, sharing a poster featuring herself and telling followers "encourage girls to lead".

"It is thought provoking that a man in charge can be described as commanding, however a woman in the same position may be called bossy," a statement reads.

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"I think the word 'bossy' is just a squasher," Jane says in the video. Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, founded and has never made any secret of her views on society towards women.

"We need to recognise the many ways we systematically discourage leadership in girls from a young age – and instead, we need to encourage them," she points out. "So the next time you have the urge to call your little girl bossy? Take a deep breath and praise her leadership skills instead."

Watch the video campaign below:

Ban Bossy — I'm Not Bossy. I'm the Boss.